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Covid-19's footprints and influence on the digitalization of companies

Covid-19's footprints and influence on the digitalization of companies

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has quickly changed many things in society and our daily habits. One of the things that Covid-19 has had a huge impact on and an area where Covid has quickly pushed the development several years ahead is digitalization.

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A crisis like this enhances “survival of the fittest” and many companies had to quickly adapt to the new circumstances. In this case, the answer to many companies’ survival was digitalization - digitalization of businesses. Many physical stores and companies have had to think in new manners, try out new ways of reaching their target group as society closed down which has led to the eCommerce field flourishing and the digitalization suddenly jumping several years ahead. But how do companies follow along with the new and fast changes? What can you do to improve the digitalization of your company? Strengthening your business for the future?


How Covid-19 changed the world’s take on digitalization

I think everyone can agree that digitalization and technology were already having their influence and many businesses already had their eyes opened for the benefits of a more digital workflow even before anyone knew of Covid-19

Though this was already taking place, several factors and surveys point towards the digitalization being pushed 3-4 years ahead as the Covid-19 pushed companies into a fast adaption to maintain their income. And experts predict that these changes are here to stay.

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This means that many physical companies and brick-and-mortar stores have now moved online. More and more companies are selling products online and the number of digital products being sold has had a huge increase. Many companies now see the benefits of digitalization and more and more employees are working remotely making the work-life more flexible and also benefitting the company in many ways such as increased productivity and time savings resulting in an increased profit. 

Business meetings and most communication is done online. It is easier than ever reaching a big amount of potential customers utilizing digital marketing, and a huge barrier of how people think around digitalization has crumbled down.

But though you as a business owner are doing your best, adapting and following this sudden jump in digitalization - How can you make sure to implement digitalization in the best way possible? How do you know if you are getting the most out of this new way of proceeding?


Make sure to get the most benefit from your digitalization

When we rush things we have to make quick decisions. This is sometimes the best way of adapting to a sudden situation and ensuring your business. But once you have already gone through the process of digitalization it might be worth it to have a look at your digital workflows and procedures to optimize these to benefit the most from your new way of working. Especially if you rushed the implementation it’s worth having another critical view on your company’s way of working and researching for smarter ways.

One thing that comes along with this new way of working, is the development of technology and software. As companies are moving online new methods are being developed and with all of the quick changes happening it can be hard to follow along and navigate in this new jungle of integrations, software, and many other digital methods.

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Wedoio - We help your company become more digital

At Wedoio we love digitalization! We already saw the huge benefit of technology and digitalizing companies before the intake of Covid-19. We have followed along with this fast shift and developed several smart integrations that will automate parts of your business processes helping you become more digital and ensuring the most efficient workflows.

Along with digitalization comes automation which we think is one of the biggest factors a company can benefit from taking the new situation into account. An automation solution releases time and eases working processes. All the repetitive manual tasks such as bookkeeping, order processing, logistics, keeping track of stock balances, and much more can be done for you all automatically. 

By eliminating the human factor you don’t only save time but also reduce the risk of errors. With extra time to focus on your business’ growth, it is much easier to start increasing your profit significantly.

Most administrative tasks can and should be automated - let technology do the hard work for you! Digitalizing, if done correctly, is a huge benefit for your company, and at Wedoio we help companies navigate through their digital transformation to ensure the maximal benefit of this. 

Cause when all comes to all, some companies fall when trying to move online, and some benefit but there is no doubt that if done correctly the digitalization will be a huge benefit and strengthen your company for the future.


Become more digital with an all-round solution of integrations

If you are rather new to digitalization, not in using digital solutions and technology but we are talking about business digitalization, you would probably want to have a look into intelligent software and integrations.

Cause one thing is knowing how to make use of the digital world in your private life, a completely other thing is when it comes to digitalizing workflows - this can be done in much smarter ways than how most people end up doing it. This is a huge difference that can kick off your company’s digital growth and increase your results.

Wedoio has developed the Uniconta integration which can be used as a complete solution to digitalizing your company. Uniconta can be integrated with most eCommerce webshops and can also be connected with the CRM system, webCRM, to automate customer service processes and sales including better organizing your customer data and relations. Except for this, the Uniconta integration can also help automate your bookkeeping, payments, invoices, and other administrative working tasks by connecting with November First

If you want to optimize time registration, make your team’s digital workflow easier, and connect this with your payroll and accounting systems, we can help you connect the Uniconta integration with the time registering system, Intempus.

The list of processes that can easily be automated does not stop here. As if you want to automate your marketing, SEO, and webshop catalogue management you would have to have a look at Magento 2 which can also be integrated with the Uniconta integration. We still have more ready-made solutions for you to optimize all of your processes.

This might sound overwhelming or like many different things to keep track of. But don’t worry, everything can be set up easily. We’ll guide and take care of you throughout the whole integration process. Once the solutions are set up, everything can be connected so you can keep track of it from the Uniconta platform - simple and easy.

The goal of automation is to get the maximum benefit from your business and optimize all processes to not waste any time on draining and repetitive tasks that could be done for you automatically anyway.

You can, of course, read much more about our integration and automation solutions on our page right here. If you have got any questions or want to book a non-binding meeting to discuss the digitalization of your company with us, you are always very welcome to reach out to us.

You will find our contact information right here. We are looking forward to talking with you and helping you optimize your digital working processes!

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