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Top 3 mistakes you should avoid when developing your eCommerce webshop

Top 3 mistakes you should avoid when developing your eCommerce webshop

eCommerce websites are conditionally allocated into a separate category of web resources for a reason. eCommerce website (or an online store, online shop, webshop) pursues a specific goal - to sell something: a product, service, solutions, training course, etc. Moreover, all the constituent elements of such a website together push the visitor to the following: design, headings, content, visuals, numbers, etc. This is the key difference between an eCommerce webshop and any other Internet resource.

Sometimes not all of the elements are developed and designed the way they should be on an eCommerce website. And this is not even the biggest problem when developing the webshop. There are more general issues that aren’t set up in the right way, which eventually leads to more important issues.

Today we at Wedoio have gathered the top 3 mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid when developing their eCommerce webshop. We hope these short introductions will help you develop your webshop and run it in the correct way. Let’s get started!


Lack of purpose

Often, customers turn to a software development company with a request: "We want a website to just have it. People have it, but we don't, that’s why we want it". They don't know why they need it and don't set any specific tasks and goals. They don’t know what type of website they will need for their business, what it should have, etc... A total disaster - one must say!

This is absolutely the wrong approach. Any website that sells must have specific goals. Goals can be different: from an increase in profits, a flow of customers, to an increase in the image of an organisation, etc.


Incorrect technical assignment or lack of it

Sometimes companies don't want to waste their time on the creation of technical specifications of a webshop and consider it an unnecessary action. But when they take the ready-made webshop from a developer, they find a lot of mistakes and a complete inconsistency with their ideas about the results. This is to be expected when professional developers create a website based on their own preferences.

The hired professional is a developer, and the customer - the owner of the business, for example, is a finance specialist. Only the business owner knows what nuances are needed to be considered and what information is the most important when creating a branded selling website.

Be on the same team as the developer, project manager, designer, and others, and then you will be able to avoid many problems.


Lack of testing and analytics

To achieve a high conversion of the website, you need to constantly try different approaches and methods, conduct tests, compare the results and draw conclusions. You also need to try to determine the advantages of your product over competitors' products. Ideally, you should try to find something that no one else has.

If you want your company to develop, move with the times. The company needs a good selling eCommerce webshop and not just a page with products or services, but a high-quality webshop that will solve your main issue. Take the time, effort, and budget to develop it, and very soon you will watch your business grow. It's all about the customer’s trust, which can only be earned by making an effort, understanding all the nuances, and offering people exactly what they are looking for. This is what makes a good selling website different from a simple presentation page.

If you’re still looking for better ways to develop your website or increase the profitability of your existing webshop - book a 15-minute meeting with our specialists and learn all the necessary information to be able to run a successful webshop.

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