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4 mistakes when creating product descriptions

4 mistakes when creating product descriptions | Wedoio

The product page in an online store plays a key role. It should be framed according to a certain principle and contain specific elements. If you miss one, the whole process of attracting a potential customer can go down the drain.

The product page of the webshop contains information about the products offered, including a detailed description, buttons that are developed to perform certain actions ("buy", "order", "compare products", "share on social networks"), and other elements. 

The main thing is that the buyer sees a product with its benefits and understands why he needs that particular product. If the product card of an online store solves such problems, then the profitability of selling the product increases significantly. But product descriptions are not always showing potential customers the information they came for. And those low-quality descriptions are found both on product pages in new online stores and on fairly popular ones. 

But what is the issue with these product pages? Let's analyze the main mistakes to avoid when filling in product descriptions.

Descriptions copied from other resources

This is a serious problem that many webshops have. Copied descriptions are found on thousands of websites. The owners of such online stores cannot understand why product pages, and sometimes websites completely do not appear in the search results. They are simply not being indexed on Google and other search engines.

Search engine algorithms allow indexing of resources on which copied content is present in just very rare cases. And even if such a product page is indexed, it will still be located much lower in the search results than the website with the original content.

Same descriptions for similar products

Search engines do not welcome such solutions, therefore, they may not index product pages with the same descriptions. Also, if you have the same information in similar product descriptions, your potential customer may just leave your website because of this.

Search engines may consider pages with copied descriptions to be duplicated, therefore, only one of them may remain in the search results. If you create separate product descriptions for each product page, then all of them will be indexed by search engines.

Overuse of keywords

Overusing keywords in product descriptions is simply heading to spam notices from search engines’ bots. Search engines throw these product pages out of the search results. 

For example, Google algorithms, are constantly being improved to make Internet resources more useful for users, therefore texts with a large number of keywords are considered spam.

Too long descriptions on product pages

Do not use very long texts with descriptions on product pages of an online store. They will look boring and unattractive, and, as we noted earlier, search robots care about users. Remember, that the best is the enemy of the good.

If you are designing a page for completely new products and are writing an interesting, structured description, then include exactly what will be useful for the user. How can a customer buy a product if he knows a little about it?

Learn more tips on creating product descriptions for your online store here

4 mistakes when creating product descriptions

Even if you agree with the need to use unique content, then you will probably have a question about where to find descriptions for product pages of an online store. You can compose them yourself or you can hire copywriters.

Self-compilation of descriptions for product pages of online stores

Well, surely, you can try to write product descriptions all by yourself. But what if you spend a lot of time doing it and forget about the most important things for you as an entrepreneur? So, it’s not that necessary to write the descriptions yourself - you can always assign such a task to your employees or freelancers. This method has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • you and your employees know your niche well, which means that you will be able to accurately notice the pros and cons of the product,
  • you have the opportunity to carefully examine the described product and even "touch" it to fully reveal its characteristics.


  • for an online store with a wide range of goods, it will be necessary to employ a separate specialist with all the ensuing consequences (organization of a workspace, payment of vacation pay, sick leave, etc.),
  • not every employee can write competent texts, therefore it is necessary to test employees, possibly to the detriment of their main job responsibilities,
  • hiring a copywriter will require time-consuming interviews, testing, and induction.


In what situations does it make sense to fill the product page of an online store on your own?

Here are some ideas for you:

  • narrowly specific products, for the description of which the corresponding preparation of the author/owner is required,
  • a small assortment of specific goods/services,
  • if there is an experienced specialist in the staff who agrees and can perform such a task.

The ordering of product page descriptions written by a third-party author


  • an experienced copywriter has special knowledge and skills in writing and formatting texts about the product,
  • there is a wide selection of copywriters on the market nowadays, therefore, you can independently choose a suitable specialist,
  • optimization of time and financial expenses (no need to organize a workplace, it is enough to hire a freelance copywriter).


  • the selected author may not have come across your products yet, and it will be difficult for them to find competent and interesting base information for the product page of an online store,
  • the cost of the services of qualified copywriters is quite high, and beginner content writers most often write low-quality descriptions,
  • there are chances that the chosen author will turn out to be a scammer, and as a result, you will lose money and valuable time.

Under what conditions is it worth ordering description writing for a product page of an online store from an experienced author?

  • if there is a need to write texts for a large number of different products that do not require specific knowledge from the copywriter
  • if it is not possible to select one of your employees to work on texts or to provide a workplace for a new employee.

And this was today’s topic on 4 mistakes when creating product descriptions. Having well-written content on your eCommerce website means you’re done with the biggest part of your job. But the most important part of your eCommerce webshop is its product page, which just has to be full of the necessary information about goods or services you sell. 

We hope our guide helps you figure out what is the best for your eCommerce webshop. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us! 

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