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Speed optimize your processes: Avoid losing potential customers

Speed optimize your processes: Avoid losing potential customers

Many webshop owners stumble upon the challenge of a slowly loading website which causes potential buyers to leave maybe even before the page is fully loaded. Many also face obstacles of slow and draining work processes which can be very frustrating when you are working so hard and dedicated to increasing your profit. But have no fear, Wedoio is here to help you out!

In this article, we will address the solutions to the above issues to give you an overview of actions to take towards a better functioning, faster, and more efficient WordPress, Shopify, or any other type of webshop for a lighter workflow - which in the end will result in an increased profit saving you both time and money.

Check our best tips for speed optimizing both your page and work processes below!


Is your website slow-loading and affecting your conversion rate?

A slowly loading Shopify or WooCommerce/WordPress website can affect your conversion rate negatively. Imagine if you as a customer finally decided to buy something but when trying to pay the page just keeps loading and loading - what would you do? Yes, the customer gets frustrated and leaves without buying anything or finds a competitive eCommerce online store to fulfil their need. In worst cases, potential eCommerce customers might even leave before entering your slow-loading page to avoid wasting their time which is why optimizing your page speed is so important in regards to your conversion rate. Another important factor affecting your conversion rate is the organization of your work processes which we will address further down in this article in the work smarter, not harder section.

But first, how to speed optimize your page:

  • Compromise images and videos:

Bigger files such as images and videos can cause your page to load slower. The goal here is to compromise all of your website’s images and videos as much as possible but without compromising the image quality. There are a lot of free online image/video compressors. Take your images and product videos through a compressor to decrease the size and then replace the old, heavy images on your page with the new, lighter ones.

  • Remove unnecessary HTML coding:

When integrating or installing apps in your Shopify or WooCommerce webshop the majority of them integrate using HTML snippets. The more apps and features you install, the more this will drag down your page speed and affect your conversion rate and profit. Make sure only to install the necessary features and if you delete or uninstall an app make sure to also delete the associated HTML codes as this will otherwise continue affecting your page speed (in many cases you can reach out to the app developer to get help removing the snippets).

We could continue with many more tips on how to speed optimize your page, but for now, we will not address this further as we got something more important to point out. Cause one thing is a slow-loading page, another thing is slow work processes and manual tasks. Wonder what we are talking about?

Work smarter, not harder. How to optimize your working processes.

What if we told you, that there is a smarter, faster, and more efficient way of working around your eCommerce webshop than the way you are proceeding now? Which will take off a huge burden of your shoulders and free up time for other important and funnier things?

Yes, you heard us! It’s time to talk about automation and optimization of your workflow and processes using smart and efficient integrations - let technology do the hard work.


Ready-made integration and automation solutions

Wedoio's Integration solution can help integrate the different systems behind your webshop to automate a big part of the workflow reducing manual tasks to a minimum such as reducing the load on your accounting system and keeping track of your finances. Other manual tasks such as order processing, accepting payments, arranging the shipping, and so much more will become unnecessary - Imagine this can be done automatically for you!

Subscribing to a ready-made integration and automation solution from Wedoio is an investment in your eCommerce webshop as this will for sure save you time and money in the short and long run. With an integration solution, you get the ability to scale and quickly connect to almost any eCommerce platform including WooCommerce/WordPress and Shopify. This will ease your workflow and minimize your manual work tasks to allow you to focus on other parts of your business instead (such as page speed optimization). We are living in the 21st century and technology is developing rapidly - be one of the many first to successfully take advantage of automation and smart integrations to step up your eCommerce game!

Curious to know more about automation and integration solutions? Visit Wedoio’s integration page or feel free to contact us to further discuss an integration solution for your eCommerce online store - we will be happy to help you out!


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