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Top 7 Benefits of Product Listing | Wedoio

Top 7 Benefits of Product Listing | Wedoio

A well-designed product listing can significantly increase the profits of an eCommerce company. Customers can easily find the product they need, check its characteristics in detail, compare with other offers, view product reviews and ultimately make a purchase.

If, on the contrary, the customer isn’t satisfied with the product listing design or with the quality or amount of information received, he will simply be disappointed, leave the resource and go to competitors. This is a direct loss for any business.


What is product listing and why is it needed?

Product listing is a separate category page of an eCommerce store, which contains a list of certain items, including products, services, etc.

Such pages help search engine robots and Internet users to quickly search for specific goods and services on the Internet. Thus, product listing improves the efficiency of interaction of customers with eCommerce stores. It is logical that product listings, as the most important element in the ranking of an eCommerce store in search results, have become indispensable attributes of online shops.


Top 7 benefits of product listing

Having understood the main components of a product listing, today we’re going to learn how such pages help to present products and how eCommerce webshops benefit from them during their SEO promotion. 

1. Simplifying the task of search engines

Thanks to the product listings placed on the pages of an eCommerce store, the search engine can accurately determine which kind of content the webshop has. Listing is exactly an eCommerce element, therefore, if it is available, the search engine immediately determines that it is a commercial and not an informational section. 

To sum up: the product listing page has a higher ranking for commercial queries in search engines.


2. Analysing the product pages by search engines

Search engines can determine whether the website contains commercial content and evaluate the range of goods that are presented on it. If there are no product listings on the company’s page, and instead of them, for example, there is a product table, then it is also considered by the search engines as a product assortment of an eCommerce store. But the difference between a product table and a product listing is that the last one contains more information about the product than a product table. And for this reason, it will be much more difficult to achieve top positions in search engines if you set up your webshop using product tables. 

product listing example by wedoio

To sum up: an eCommerce webshop can take a leading position in search engines if you improve the presentation of product pages.


3. Creating conditions for the content to become more informative

If you use product listing in your eCommerce store as a way of presenting your products/services, then make sure that its content is as informative as possible. Usually, in the product categories of the webshop, the model, manufacturer, price and characteristics of the product are prescribed and the image of products and the methods of purchasing them are placed. 

Therefore, the page on which the product assortment is posted should contain the maximum amount of useful information. It will correspond to the interests of potential customers who are looking for more information on every product listing page they visit. 

To sum up: product listings contain more useful information, which is well reflected when evaluating the webshop by search engines.


4. Improving keyword matching metrics

An important advantage of product listing is that it increases the degree of matching key queries on the page where it is located. At the stage of forming the listing for the product card, a text anchor is indicated. It is best to write in it the most frequent keywords that will correspond to a specific category.

amazon women's clothing product listing

Amazon’s product listing

Thanks to this, search engines will be able to determine what assortment is on the page, or whether it matches the theme of the website. This situation allows you to increase the number of key occurrences. 

To sum up: product listing improves the degree of compliance with keyword search queries, which leads to an increase in the sorting of websites in search results.


5. Increasing the competitiveness of the website

In addition, the use of product listings in your eCommerce webshop will increase the number of indexed pages. When applying for a listing on the website, you need to create your own page for each product. Consequently, the number of "living" elements of the online shop is increasing. 

To sum up: after integrating the product listing, your webshop will rank higher in search engines. In addition, increased traffic can lead to better quality, competitiveness and ranking increase.


6. Improving the quality of internal linking

Internal linking is a link structure that creates a semantic link between pages. In other words, internal links go from one page of the website to the other page of the same website (same domain). Using product listing, you can improve the quality of internal linking, thereby improving the anchor and static page weight of the resource.

Any product page in the listing of goods points to the parent “department” and passes it anchor and static page weight (the page weight directly depends on the number of redirects to the page. The more there are, the higher the search engine position).

wedoio services product page

Wedoio’s services product page

With the help of links from product cards, the list of text anchors pointing to it increases, and as a result, the page weight becomes higher. With the help of internal linking, you can add similar or related products to the product card. And this will also help to increase their page weight. 

To sum up: internal linking increases static page weight, speeds up indexing and increases its relevance.


7. Formation of a user-friendly resource navigation system

For more convenient use of the webshop, you need to create a product showcase. The product listing can help you with this - it clearly displays the product catalogue, the use of additional functions, such as categories, filters, tags. This will make your resource navigation system more user-friendly, and consequently, will improve the conversion and behavioural indicators of the online shop.

To sum up: with the help of product listing, the webshop can be optimized into a more convenient one for users, since navigation through categories is simplified. When ranking, behavioural and conversion rates always have huge importance. But this method also has its drawback - high labour costs for implementation. There are platforms like WordPress or Shopify, where you can design your product showcase by yourself, decide whether you want to have a product table using WooCommerce, or product listing using Shopify, etc, and all of these without wasting too much time. These are CMS (Content Management System) platforms, where you can have delightful results running your webshop, if you design and run it properly.

We have lots of articles full of information about Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento 2 and other platforms in our blog. No matter if you have a startup webshop or you’re an experienced entrepreneur looking for ways to increase your profit - you’ll find the information you were looking for in our blog.

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