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What is lead magnet. How to create the best one for your online store?

What is a lead magnet. How to create one for your online store?

A lead magnet is very important for lead generation and subsequent stages of the sales funnel. At the same time, the scope of your business does not matter - lead magnets are relevant for both B2B and B2C. If you are using sales funnel to generate and convert traffic into leads and sales, you need lead magnets anyway.


What is a lead magnet in simple words?

Lead magnets are free offers that you provide to visitors in exchange for their contact information. This can be discount coupons, training, courses, ebooks, and anything else.

If you already have some experience in digital marketing, then you know that the lead magnet has many similar meanings, like, "free gift". One way or another, you will need a lead magnet if you plan to get a visitor's email address and establish long-term cooperation, turning them into a customer.

There are generally two types of customers - potential and real. Customers of the first group can buy something in the future. Customers of the second type are people who have already purchased a product or service.

But, for example, in the US, the evolution of the customer becoming a real one is proceeding much more difficult. Here's a classic sales funnel through the eyes of an American manager:


ideal customer profile, suspects, prospects, qualified prospect, customer


Here's how you can roughly "translate" the steps of consumers in this scheme:

  • Ideal customer profile - portrait of an ideal customer, who the company is looking for in  general,
  • Suspects - customers, who have entered the physical or online store,
  • Prospects - potential buyers, customers who  e.g took a thing from the shelf and went to try it on in the locker room
  • Qualified prospects - even more potential buyers, e.g customers who left the locker room and announced their intention to buy a thing,
  • Customers - clients, who paid for the goods at the checkout

If the client finds the offer attractive and wants to use it, he will have to leave the seller his contact information. It is the contact that will become the starting point in attracting a person to further cooperation.


What criteria does the best lead magnet meet?

Provides maximum benefits

A really worthwhile proposal will be accepted by many people who in the future want to share their impressions of use with friends and acquaintances.

What if we offer each subscriber a free car? The conversion, in this case, would definitely be over 90% (as there will always be sceptical people who doubt the reality of such a proposal). But this is not what we’re striving for. Better to start with more realistic proposals - offering the best option first and then, if needed, you can just lower the bar over time.

Contains valuable information or opportunities that the audience needs

Creating a lead magnet that highlights the benefits of blogging seems like a good idea. But if your visitors are interested in growing traffic and increasing earnings, they are unlikely to be interested in such a magnet.

Solves a specific problem

To receive an email or other contact information from a client, you need to launch a truly standing magnet. It must carry new information, teach something, help solve an existing problem.

Provided immediately after a person has registered

To increase conversion, your lead magnet should be available to the user immediately after filling out the form. Let your customers know about it. You can send the link by email or provide it immediately after the visitor has entered the data. Better to use these two options at once.

Should be simple and original

Any lead magnet helps to solve a specific problem as soon as possible. It shouldn't take a lot of time to create a magnet, and therefore приманки are nor long and voluminous.

Should intrigue the subscriber

This can only be achieved if the content of the lead magnet is hidden. It is better to open a small part of the text to interest the user and hide the rest. The hidden text has a nice effect.

Creating the best lead magnet will take time. It's okay if your starting point isn't as cloudless as you'd like it to be, but, thanks to the lead magnet, you still get your minimum email addresses. Constantly keep your finger "on the pulse". If you let yourself rest while your lead magnet is working, you risk losing customers who are coming to you right now.

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