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Wedoio's Rest API
for Uniconta

Subscription price from €29 per month

All the endpoints you need

Get full access with Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta

The first version of Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta was developed in 2016, and has since provided access to a large number of addons for Uniconta.

Comprehensive API
Wedoio REST API for Uniconta includes more than 200 endpoints.

Easy integration
Use Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta for fast, secure and simple development of integration between your application and Uniconta.

Secure access
Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta is hosted by Microsoft Azure, ensuring full uptime and scalability.

*Requires Uniconta server user.


Full access via REST API to Uniconta

Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta is used by several Uniconta integration partners.

Customer information is updated

Easy access to Uniconta

With Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta, you get full CRUD access to more than 200 endpoints in Uniconta.

Products are created and maintained in Uniconta

Filter on all fields

Full filtering on all fields in Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta for quick and easy use of data for all purposes.

Stock status is updated in real time

Stock status is updated in real-time

When stock status changes in Uniconta, this is registered immediately and updated in the webshop.

Sales order is created automaticall

Well documented

All endpoints and fields are fully documented in Swagger or via a specific enum endpoind where you can get an overview of all available endpoints and fields.

More stuff about us

Worth knowing about the solution

We at Wedoio continuously keep our REST API for Uniconta updated and closely monitor Uniconta's development.

  • The API is usually updated in relation to Uniconta's development, however, there will usually be a delay in supporting new versions from Uniconta, until such changes affect Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta.
  • Not all features are supported directly. If there's still a specific function missing, we are always ready to chat with you about the possibility of having it implemented in the solution.
  • You must take care of the cost of the Uniconta server user.
  • Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta has an uptime of 99.75%, updates of the solution usually take place outside of the normal working hours.

Wedoio has specialists who can assist you in using the REST API against normal payment on an hourly basis.

Instructions and guides for Wedoio's REST API for Uniconta can be found in the documentation.