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5 bad excuses to not get an automation solution

5 bad excuses to not get an automation solution

Sometimes we are naturally against change as a change in some cases can lead to unknown circumstances. But in order to improve a situation, change is required, as logically you can not get a different outcome if all procedures, habits, and actions stay the same. So if you want to scale your business by implementing small changes that can lead to huge benefits and an increased profit, please keep reading.

The unknown can be scary and we know that as technology has developed fast it might be overwhelming having to keep up with all the possibilities and digital methods out there. 

But if you want your company to follow the times and optimize it as much as possible, now is the time to make use of intelligent software, which has never been as accessible as it is now, even for small or medium-sized companies!

At times the brain tries to avoid these changes to save energy and to stay in the well-known circumstances which are just not always logical nor beneficial. 

The human brain will make excuses to avoid change and to postpone things. Therefore we have now come up with 5 bad excuses to avoid implementing an automation solution that you can easily get rid of right now. So if you are using any of these excuses, it might be time to take a further look into an automation solution for your business anyway.

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5 bad excuses to quit right now

No. 1 - It requires too much time to integrate an automation solution

How much is too much time? If you can invest a bit of time now to save even more time later then this excuse is not valid. We know you are busy but this is a way out of having to juggle too many tasks at once.

If you were running late and in a hurry, would you run to a meeting instead of jumping on the bike just because you haven’t got time to get on the bike? The answer is most likely no. The same thing counts for an automation solution. So maybe it’s time to stop running around and jump onto an automation solution instead.

The implementation process does require a bit of time, but with the help from us at Wedoio, the process is smooth and easy. You will be surprised at how much time, money, and energy you save every single day after investing time into the implementation process.

An automation solution can ease your working processes and save both you and your team a lot of time every single day so that you get more time to focus on other things and can finally get your business to reach its fullest potential.

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No. 2 - It’s too expensive!

An automation solution does cost money in the form of a smaller subscription fee each month. You can check Wedoio’s pricing for different integration solutions right here. Most of our integration solutions start from 29 per month. But did you compare this to how much money you could possibly save by implementing an automation solution?

Do you know how much money is spent on paying employees, handling documents, registering data, creating reports, order processing, bookkeeping, creating invoices, and not to mention how much time it takes to transfer data and register working hours for employees, creating payrolls?

The time-saving potential is huge with an automation solution and so is the potential of saving money. Except for saving money by avoiding many manual tasks you also reduce errors by eliminating the human factor. You also have to consider the extra time you get available which can efficiently be spent on other initiatives increasing your profit and scaling your business.

On top of this by becoming more efficient and optimizing your work processes you can add all the savings you will get from fewer order returns, less frustrated employees, and happier customers.

Of course, an automation solution is not for everyone. If your business is in the beginner phase and isn’t scaling yet, you might have to wait a bit before you invest in one of these solutions. If you are in doubt you are always welcome to contact us at Wedoio to discuss the automation of your business.


No. 3 - It’s too complicated to understand

We understand this excuse. As a business owner, you have to keep track of many things and be an expert in many areas but the good news is that you don’t have to know and understand everything about automation solutions in order to start using one!

As a business owner though, it is important to keep obtaining new knowledge and to be open to researching new ways of working. You only have to understand the main principles, and Wedoio will help you get started simple and easy. When subscribing to our automation solution you don’t just get access to the software and then be left alone - no, we are here to help you and to answer any questions. 

Along with the solution comes support and service to make sure that you get what you want from your automation process. We don’t expect you to already know everything about automation before contacting us as we will help and guide you to make the right choices when it comes to the automation of your business. So have no fear, Wedoio is here!

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No. 4 - We are already doing fine with the way we are working

Sure you are, otherwise, your business would be non-existent. But what if you could do even better? Be more efficient? Scale your business? The unfulfilled potential is there.

“But wait, if we automate the working processes, what should we be doing then? My employees would need other tasks to complete.” Yes, exactly. Your employees could complete other tasks providing even more value to your business. 

It might be that you can’t think of other tasks right now but our experience is that most businesses quickly find other interesting things to focus on as soon as they actually get provided with extra time. Suddenly Steve can easily perform other and more valuable tasks than just scanning and creating documents - dare to think big!

Breaking out of old habits and ways of doing things can be hard but sticking to them will just get you stuck at where you’re at. An automation solution can bring a fresh view of your potential and open up for bigger ambitions!


No. 5 - I am not sure how to get started and need more information first

This is completely normal. Most new things will need a small jump to get rolling and if you are not sure how to get started or need more information, the only thing you need to do is reach out to us right here.

You are welcome to book a non-binding 30-minute meeting to get more information and to discuss the possibilities of an automation solution for your business.

You can also do some research yourself and read about automation solutions online or review some of our blog posts that you will find a list of here.

But the fastest way if you want more specific information and aimed at your individual company is, of course, to contact us and have a talk. With the new information, you have a better starting point to consider how much an automation solution would benefit your company.


What is your excuse? 

Consider if the excuses you are making right now are logical or if it might be your brain that has been automated to avoid improvements - de-automate your thinking and start automating your working processes instead ;-)

We will help you clarify if automation is right for you, find the best solution aimed at your company, and of course, answer any questions you might have. We are looking forward to talking to you!

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