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How Integration and Automation Solution Benefits Your Business?

Trading on the eCommerce market is a rather intensive task that requires a lot of daily work. To get the maximum sales, the whole team working on a webshop must promptly process incoming orders, prepare documents, track stock balances, arrange the shipping process, or solve problems with returns.

And this is not the complete list of tasks that take a long time to complete day by day. If you make mistakes, which is very likely when you’re working manually, this will negatively affect the ranking and sales of your webshop in general. In this article, we will tell you about an effective solution to this problem.

The standard format of managing an eCommerce webshop contains the following daily tasks:

  • Loading products manually, through .xls file or via API,
  • Setting prices for each of them,
  • Choosing and setting up promotional tools,
  • Processing orders from customers,
  • Tracking the analytics, dynamics, order statuses,
  • Accepting payment,
  • Arranging the shipping and so much more…

This is quite a convenient work format for the ones who are new to the eCommerce webshop business and never tried another way of managing their workflow. It does not require additional financial costs for software and technical support. Everything is quite simple and straightforward on an intuitive level. You understand the interface and functionality of WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento 2, or whatever platform you might use. You use the detailed instructions posted on your eCommerce platform’s website.

And that’s great until your webshop’s sales boost and you start receiving more than 30-50 orders (or even more) per day. The managing processes of each order become so much more complicated, and you regret that the day doesn’t have 30 hours instead of 24!

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What are the alternatives in this situation?

Without any doubt, with the growth of your sales, you need to look for alternative solutions for managing your workflow. Otherwise, it will become almost impossible to master the processing of orders manually and leave the service at a high level.

Your eCommerce webshop can meet some difficulties, like, a decrease in order processing speed, shipping and delivery disruptions, rating downgrades, falling confidence from potential buyers, etc. The problem is especially critical if an entrepreneur has several webshops running at the same time on the same or different eCommerce platforms. After all, each platform has different specifics, and the scheme of work in personal accounts can differ significantly.

Alternatively, you, as an entrepreneur, can use one of these 3 options to speed up your business processes:

  • Hiring webshop managers,
  • Developing your own integration system,
  • Partnering with ready-made integration and automation solutions.

The hiring webshop managers option is suitable for webshops that have average sales volume. The costs in this scheme are depending on the turnover. Webshop managers take a commission on each order from the entrepreneur. And as your webshop and sales grow, you will need more and more managers to work on it.

Developing your own integration system will cost you even more and take a lot of time. Plus, you will still need to constantly monitor changes on the platform and perform separate improvements for the API of each eCommerce platform you have. This solution is only suitable for large companies that are ready to develop and maintain their own software.

The easiest and most profitable option for small businesses is using already-made integration and automation solutions. You will just need to buy a monthly or annual subscription in order to purchase its license and work more efficiently and safely. With an integration solution, the entrepreneur gets the ability to scale and quickly connect to almost any eCommerce platform.

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What are the benefits of ready-made integration and automation solutions?

So, what do you get by subscribing to an integration solution and automating your webshop? First, you avoid critical errors at all stages of your webshop management and significantly speed up your everyday processes. A number of tasks completed by your team just become unnecessary, and you save a lot of time and labour costs. Automation allows you to reduce the load on your accounting system and keeps track of your finances. This, in the end, results in boosting your sales, and thus, getting higher profits.

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Does it sound like something unreal? Well, maybe years ago it would, but now any B2B webshop owner can make the workflow hundreds of times better by just investing in helpful solutions. 

We at Wedoio developed a number of intelligent integration and automation solutions to optimize your business, ease the workflow and reduce the time consumption of your webshop. Decades of knowledge and experience in business systems allow us to understand what an entrepreneur and his customers truly need. We offer integrations with Uniconta from the following eCommerce platforms and systems: WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento 2, November First, Intempus, webCRM, and many more your can find on our website.

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Uniconta is a modern cloud-based ERP system that keeps track of finances, inventory, projects, production, and logistics, which helps your business become more digital. It provides time savings on your daily routines, searches, document retrieval, and business management. All of your data and documents are safely stored and always accessible in the Uniconta cloud. 

Although it is a standard ERP system, it is structured flexibly so that you can customize the solution with your own fields, tables, and screens. This means that you do not have to depend on your desire for change to fit in with other companies.



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Wedoio gives any business an opportunity for easy and simple Uniconta integration and automation solution. This includes integration of all data from WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento 2, and other webshops directly to Uniconta, without losing any information during the process

By subscribing to this easy and simple integration process, you save a lot of time managing your webshop. The most important thing here is that you focus on your business and not jumping between different systems. Save time - save money, it’s a sure thing.

You get stuff done automatically. 



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