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Shopify Uniconta Integration products, stock, customers and orders

Shopify - Uniconta Integration: products, stock, customers and orders

Wedoio's webshop integration for Shopify - Uniconta lets you manage all daily parts of your webshop directly from Uniconta. Create and maintain all your product information, prices, tags, and images directly from Uniconta in real-time.

The integration automatically transfers customers and orders from your webshop directly to Uniconta, where you can fulfil them as every other order in Uncionta.

During my years in the IT business and as a normal webshop customer, I have seen the same kind of story over and over again: a nice company gets a nice webshop developed. Being it Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento 2 - doesn't really matter that much for the problem that I'm addressing here.

You have seen this too, at the beginning the webshop is super cool, with nice products, all product images are there, prices, descriptions and all, and even tags. All products nicely categorized - what's not to like. Well, let me tell you the following: after a few months you will see, that the webshop's "honeymoon" is now over. The webshop salesman has gotten his payment, now the company is on its own, and is catching up with its normal daily routines. That's the routines that also were there before the webshop was built! 

When there are no routines for the webshop, it starts to wither. Images are missing, products are not being updated, the stock doesn't show the reality, customers start being disappointed when visiting the shop, and don't get a good experience when they purchase the products from it. Products are no longer in stock, and well, you see the big picture here, right... 

The issue often is that the people normally handling the creation of products in the systems are the bookkeepers. They also register when new items are on stock, and so on, as a normal function. And they are not scared of adding more information to the product post in the ERP that they are used to working with, but they are not comfortable with the new webshop, as that's a totally different architecture, different labels, different navigation, and well, different everything. So this is quite a normal thing, bookkeepers can keep away from things and systems they don't feel comfortable and safe with. 

That's why we developed a great webshop concept for Uniconta that works with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento 2. 


Shopify Integration: A Profitable Solution For Your Business

Everything about your products is simply handled directly from Uniconta with the help of Shopify Uniconta integration, without having to do a lot of new stuff, except adding information to the items posts in Uniconta, alongside the information that you already have there. Updating the prices, descriptions, images, tags, and categories, without going to any shop system at all - all handled from one safe harbour: Uniconta. 

And what about the things going on in the webshop then, you might ask!

Well, all the customer data needed can automatically be transferred from the webshop to Uniconta as needed, the orders will end up in your normal order flow in Uniconta. When orders are invoiced in Uniconta, then it's set as completed in the shop - automatically, via the integration. 

Simple, easy, and logical. 

By subscribing to this easy and simple integration process, you save a lot of time managing your webshop. The most important thing here is that you focus on your business and not jump between different systems. Save time - save money, it’s a sure thing.

The integration solution looks a hundred times better than it sounds. If you want to meet up and discuss further integration opportunities for your business system - let's schedule a demo. You can find our contacts at the bottom of this page, and please, feel free to contact us anytime. Our support team is here to help you boost your business!

Visit Our Shopify - Uniconta Product Page

What you need to know before installing the integration.

Before the Shopify - Uniconta integration is set up on your webshop, we will need the following:

  • Shopify administrator user, with access to create private apps,
  • Uniconta server user with its username and password,
  • Uniconta support user with full access. Note that our support user is free to create and MUST be created with the username “Support”.

It also presupposes that all product data is present in Uniconta before the solution is launched.

The installation price does not include master synchronization and data migration.

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uniconta blok

Uniconta is a modern cloud-based ERP system that keeps track of finances, inventory, projects, production, and logistics, which helps your business become more digital. It provides time savings on your daily routines, searches, document retrieval, and business management. All of your data and documents are safely stored and always accessible in the Uniconta cloud. 

Although it is a standard ERP system, it is structured flexibly so that you can customize the solution with your own fields, tables, and screens. This means that you do not have to depend on your desire for change to fit in with other companies.


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Shopify is an eCommerce platform that is designed to enable you to create your online store without the involvement of a design and development team. It’s a versatile package, and everything you need to start selling online is already within the platform. You can create and publish your webshop entirely through Shopify and use its handy features and apps. 

Shopify is an autonomous website. You start creating your webshop quickly and have no problem with any hosting platforms. You get built-in tools to create, execute and analyze your Facebook and Google campaigns. You get a combined control panel for orders, shipment, and payment. 

Here are some Shopify statistics according to,, and Shopify itself:

  • Shopify had 20% of the market share by 2020. 
  • More than 1.7M businesses are powered by Shopify.
  • Sales on Shopify have surpassed $100 Billion to date!
  • Shopify is available in 175 countries worldwide and is trusted by brands such as Allbirds, Gymshark, Heinz, Staples Canada, and many more...
  • As of October 2021, the 1.7M+ businesses that operate on Shopify have generated $356 Billion together.

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Wedoio gives any business an opportunity for easy and simple Uniconta integration and automation solution. This includes integration of all data from WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento 2, and other webshops directly to Uniconta, without losing any information during the process

By subscribing to this easy and simple integration process, you save a lot of time managing your webshop. The most important thing here is that you focus on your business and not jump between different systems. Save time - save money, it’s a sure thing.

You get stuff done automatically. 



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