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Shopify pricing - Which plan to choose: Basic, Shopify or Advanced?

Shopify pricing - Which plan to choose: Basic, Shopify or Advanced?

Shopify is a well-known and popular eCommerce platform. It makes it very easy even for beginners to quickly build and launch an eCommerce online store. Except for this, Shopify also offers a variety of features and options when building the base of your new Shopify eCommerce webshop. 

Shopify has divided the subscription options and plans into 3 different options: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. But which plan is best to start with as a beginning and what is the difference between the 3 plans? 

In this article, we will go through the different plans, pros, and cons so that you can get an overview of the best option for you! We will also add a very useful bonus fact at the end of this article - so stay tuned!


Basic Shopify Plan, $29/month

As Shopify points out, this plan is recommended for new eCommerce businesses. It is a good and cheap option if you are just getting started with your eCommerce adventure. This plan will give you all of the basic access and features to Shopify including an eCommerce website and blog, unlimited upload of products, and 24/7 support from Shopify. Especially, Shopify’s 24/7 support and live chat come in handy when you are just getting started.

You will also get access to sales channels to start selling your products on marketplaces and social media (please note that this feature can vary from country to country). You’ll get the option to sell your products in different currencies and in up to 20 different languages to be able to launch your new eCommerce online store at an international level.

However, as a basic plan, it does have some limitations compared to the two other plans when starting to build your online store. If you are choosing to use Shopify Payment as a payment provider to process the payments from your customers, Shopify will charge a slightly higher transaction fee per payment, compared to the two other plans. This might still make it the ideal plan to start with but be aware: as your eCommerce store is growing it might be worth it to upgrade your plan. 

This plan only offers the option of creating 2 staff accounts and a maximum of 4 inventory locations. This means that if you have more than two people working on the webshop or if you need more inventory locations than this, you might have to take a look at one of the other subscription plans. Under normal circumstances, the Basic Shopify plan will be sufficient if you are just getting started, but a company that is already up and running, trying to expand the market range using an eCommerce webshop, might have more staff or inventory locations and will have to look at one of the other plans as a start.

This plan also gives you access to all of the necessary and useful features when getting started, such as abandoned cart recovery emails, discount codes, and a free SSL certificate.


Shopify Plan, $79/month

This is the “normal” or general Shopify plan that offers a bigger variety of options than the Basic Plan. This plan is recommended for growing businesses selling either online or in-store. The reason why is that this subscription gives the same options and features as the Basic Plan plus a bit more. 

This plan also gives you access to standard reports to better analyze the results of your webshop(this only makes sense once your store is up and running to actually have data to analyze), and the option of adding 5 staff accounts instead of the Basic Plan’s option of only 2 accounts, you will receive useful tools to scale your webshop. This also provides the option of setting international domains (country-specific domains) to better optimize your SEO strategy for each country, including customizing your product prices for each different country.


Advanced Shopify, $299/month

Do you want the full package? With Advanced Shopify you will be sure not to miss out on anything! But as it is not worth paying for something you will not yet make use of, this plan is only recommended for scaling businesses requiring advanced reporting. 

With this plan, you will get access to the same things as with the 2 other plans, but except for this, you will also get up to 15 staff accounts, 8 inventory locations, advanced reports, a much smaller transaction fee, and international pricing which gives you the option to set individual product prices for the different countries. 

This plan is definitely recommended for already up and running businesses that are scaling, as if you are just getting started, you are probably better off choosing the Basic Shopify plan.


Other Shopify costs

Except for the monthly plan cost, you will also have to take the cost of extra features and apps into account. You will indeed find a lot of nice, free apps and features through the Shopify App Store, but as many of them are limited using the App’s free plan, it will be nearly impossible to avoid paying for any app or feature if you want a professional and smoothly running an online store.


Consider possible costs for Shipment tracking apps, which can save your customer service a lot of time answering questions about orders and shipments. Furthermore a customer review app or other social proof to add to your page to increase credibility and conversion is especially important if you are a new or smaller webshop. There are many options and features to add to your Shopify eCommerce store. You will have to choose the ones most necessary and useful for your store to count them into the budget.


Useful bonus info for scaling webshops

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That way you will save both time and money to increase your profit and be able to drastically scale your eCommerce store which is highly recommended for growing or scaling webshops to continue growing and avoid stumbling upon the challenge of work overload and draining manual tasks. Wedoio’s Shopify integration and automation solutions are easy to integrate and make the workflow funnier and easier so that you can focus on growing your online store even more.

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More about:

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that is designed to enable you to create your online store without the involvement of a design and development team. It’s a versatile package, and everything you need to start selling online is already within the platform. You can create and publish your webshop entirely through Shopify and use its handy features and apps. 

Shopify is an autonomous website. You start creating your webshop quickly and have no problem with any hosting platforms. You get built-in tools to create, execute and analyze your Facebook and Google campaigns. You get a combined control panel for orders, shipment, and payment. 

Here are some Shopify statistics according to,, and Shopify itself:

  • Shopify had 20% of the market share by 2020. 
  • More than 1.7M businesses are powered by Shopify.
  • Sales on Shopify have surpassed $100 Billion to date!
  • Shopify is available in 175 countries worldwide and is trusted by brands such as Allbirds, Gymshark, Heinz, Staples Canada, and many more...
  • As of October 2021, the 1.7M+ businesses that operate on Shopify have generated $356 Billion together.

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