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November First - Uniconta Integration: Payments without bank login!

November First - Uniconta Integration: Payments without bank login!

Wedoio’s November First Uniconta integration gives you an opportunity for big savings on bank fees, significantly better exchange rates, and easy handling of national and international creditor payments, with fully automated bookkeeping.

Creditor Payments handled directly from Uniconta!

With the November First Uniconta integration solution, you achieve great simplification of your entire creditor accounting and payment flow. All creditor payments can be easily and simply completed with a few clicks directly from Uniconta, without you ever having to upload or download anything in your bank. And with the November First Uniconta solution, you can even save money on both the fees and the exchange rates. *

Watch our one-minute introduction for the solution right here:

Let’s mention the top benefits for the integration in points:

  • Via the custom Payment Proposal window in Uniconta, all payments are handled easily.
  • Once you have chosen which payments you want to make, you easily send them to November First – directly in Uniconta.
  • Once you have approved the payment proposal, the transaction is posted in Uniconta, so you have a full overview of your creditors.
  • Once the payment has been completed and the payment has been withdrawn from your bank via Nets, payment and fees will be posted automatically.

November First is a payment platform for all kinds of companies. You don't need to log in to the online bank or enter the physical one to proceed with all of your invoices. 

Uniconta is a modern cloud-based ERP system that keeps track of finances, inventory, projects, production, and logistics. It is designed for small and medium-sized companies to help them become more digital and boost their progress. All of the information that you provide to Uniconta is safely stored in the cloud, and it’s always accessible in real-time.

What you need to know before installing the November First Uniconta integration.

Before setting up the solution in your Uniconta, we need the following:

  • First, November First account must be created, and the integration is activated afterwards,
  • Setup of Cash Journal, Bank Reconciliation and Financial Accounts described in our documentation,
  • Uniconta server user (username and password),
  • Uniconta Support user with its full access. Our support user is free to create and MUST be created with the username “Support”,
  • The solution is established by installing Wedoio’s November First plugin in Uniconta. The plugin is a so-called “Page” plugin, which is why reservations are made in relation to other partner plugins that use the same type of plugin on the “Payment Proposal” page.

Note that the November First - Uniconta subscription automatically changes in relation to the Uniconta subscription. In addition to subscriptions, November First charges fees for transactions (see more at November First’s website).

Further instructions and guidelines for using the solution can be found in Wedoio’s November First documentation.

If you have any questions regarding any of our integration solutions, please feel free to contact us anytime. You can find our contacts at the end of this page or just hit the chat button at the bottom right corner of our website.

*Note, the solution requires Wedoio’s November first plugin installed in Uniconta and Uniconta server users.

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uniconta blok

Uniconta is a modern cloud-based ERP system that keeps track of finances, inventory, projects, production, and logistics, which helps your business become more digital. It provides time savings on your daily routines, searches, document retrieval, and business management. All of your data and documents are safely stored and always accessible in the Uniconta cloud. 

Although it is a standard ERP system, it is structured flexibly so that you can customize the solution with your own fields, tables, and screens. This means that you do not have to depend on your desire for change to fit in with other companies.


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November First-logo

November First is an easy and secure solution for payments of supplier invoices directly from the portal, financial system, or through its integration partners - without the need for login to the online bank.

November First payment platform reduces the company's costs every time payments have to be made. The platform allows all companies to pay all kinds of suppliers at significantly cheaper fees and better exchange rates. Payments can be executed directly from selected financial systems as well as from November First. All of the automated bookkeeping procedures are completed in a real-time manner.


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Wedoio gives any business an opportunity for easy and simple Uniconta integration and automation solution. This includes integration of all data from WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento 2, and other webshops directly to Uniconta, without losing any information during the process

By subscribing to this easy and simple integration process, you save a lot of time managing your webshop. The most important thing here is that you focus on your business and not jump between different systems. Save time - save money, it’s a sure thing.

You get stuff done automatically. 



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