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Now Wedoio's Shopify - Uniconta integration is here!

Now Wedoio's Shopify - Uniconta integration is here!

Wedoio developed the first integration between Shopify and Uniconta back in 2019. Since then, the solution has been developed and adjusted in different ways. Now we have a fully stable integration between Shopify and Uniconta, which ensures a good and secure synchronization of data between them.

Wedoio’s Shopify - Uniconta integration is a solution that provides you with a place to manage all of your daily data through Uniconta.

You create and maintain your product data directly in Uniconta. This applies to the product title, descriptions, categories, tags, images, and any other files that need to be transferred to the webshop, and then be handled in Uniconta. 

When a customer creates an order in your online shop, all relevant information is sent to Uniconta. Here you can handle the order the same way as the orders from all other channels. Easy, simple, and secure. 

Once the order has been processed in Uniconta, you invoice the order within it. This means that the integration solution can automatically set the order as completed in the webshop and the payment will then be completed through your payment system. 

Wedoio Integrations also has a solution that automatically matches payments with your orders in Uniconta. This means that all the work of matching payments with open debtor items is reduced to the minimum.

Wedoio Integration's webshop concepts are suitable for anyone who wants to have a strong automation system, without having to be an expert in thousands of different and complicated systems. 



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