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Such different types of lead magnets: Part Two

Such different types of lead magnets: Part Two

In the previous chapter of our article about lead magnets and their types, we talked about newsletters, cheatsheets, bonus and discount lead magnets, and checklists. All of these work just fine if you set them up in a proper way for your website or a landing page.

Let’s learn about 6 other lead magnet types today. Well, actually, there are a lot more types of lead generation tools out there that you can use on your website. But they are either “out of trend” right now, or just work less effectively than the ones we mention in our articles.

Also, did you know that not only lead generation but also webshop automation can help your company to speed up the process of getting higher sales and thus - higher profits? Well, it’s true. If you don’t know what webshop automation is, or so-called work process automation, business process automation, workflow automation - just go ahead and read more about it in our blog. There is a huge number of articles that will help and guide you through the whole process. And remember, you can always contact us and book a meeting - we’re here to help you anytime!

Now let’s dive in and learn other methods of lead generation magnets! And if you want to read our previous chapter - click here.


Training video course

These lead magnets are very popular because they are easy to read. There are a lot of users who are too lazy to read any information, and therefore video training courses bring more than a positive effect.

In addition, this lead magnet allows users to get to know the seller better, and accordingly, start to trust him even more.



"In your free sales report, you will learn how to do X in 10 highly effective ways", "An excellent report that reveals 7 main errors".

Lead magnets like these are overly flashy, and because of this, their value is not that high. But using them, you can achieve good results and attract a good number of customers.

Here, as with other lead magnets, the offer itself is important. If you select a topic for your report that is popular and interesting for users, about which there is little information on the market, then you will form well-demanded lead magnet content.

This option is especially suitable for you if there is a limited number of free reports in your market today. If your content is valuable to users, they will happily leave their contact information for you in exchange for a good report.


Samples and Templates

Users love templates. Any template is perceived by the audience as something well prepared by a professional, and, at the same time, it will be associated with the author. 

You have the opportunity to take and put any template on your website, without delays and conventions. An example of a template is the one that helps you to plan your social media posts - a content calendar. You can simply craft and offer a social media content calendar for your customers. Its demand is high among digital marketing specialists nowadays.


social media content calendar


Contact us if you want to receive a FREE social media content calendar right now! It includes weekly and monthly social media posting templates, content repositories, and a Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter social media content calendar!



This is a concentrated list of solutions, or, let’s say tools, that will be useful to your prospect. Let's say you are organizing support for the digital marketing industry, where you are supposed to use a variety of tools:

  • domain name registrar,
  • hosting,
  • payment processor,
  • link analysis tools,
  • eCommerce platforms, etc.

Finding good solutions and tools on your own is not an easy process, especially if the existing experience with analogues, hasn’t brought positive results. Solve this problem by putting together the most effective tools in one place.

If you have a lot of users, negotiate a discount with service providers, or place an affiliate link and earn some money.


List of utilities

This lead magnet is similar to a toolkit as it also collects useful information together, but the difference is that resource lists do not accumulate tools.

Suppose the user has no idea who you are, but somehow ended up on your website. The goal for the visitor is to get useful content (and to have fun) while you influence it and strive to make sure that they visit your resource again.

You can get user return guarantees by making sure they read the best, most popular, and informative blog posts. To force the user to return, select useful information and put it in one block of content, which the client can access only if he leaves his email.

For example: "Best of the Blog", "Best SMM Content", etc., depending on the industry in which you work. This is a very effective way to catch the interest of the user, as he delves into the essence of the matter and learns valuable information for himself.

Let's say you have created a website whose theme is nutrition for weight loss. To compile a list of resources, you just need to copy links for recipes for dietary meals that are prepared in under 20 minutes into Word. Now you have the opportunity to change a ready-made lead to customer email addresses. However, you have not written a single article.



Infographics are one of the highest quality and most complex content you can design. It is most often shared on social networks and is usually referred to by third-party Internet resources. Infographics are better absorbed by users, regardless of who your audience is. Here’s an example of a fun infographic about automation and its future.


automation infographic 2022


So why not use a lead magnet like these to effectively get contacts from customers? You can design your own infographics using tools like Canva or Piktochart. 

All of these lead magnets can help you process your lead generation task. Contact us if you need help understanding which one suits your website the best. If you have a webshop that needs B2B lead generation tricks or automated lead generation tips to speed up your webshop sales - contact us and mention the purpose of your message! We’ll find the best solution that fits your business.

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