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Wedoio's WooCommerce - Uniconta Integration: An Easy Guide

Wedoio's WooCommerce - Uniconta Integration: An Easy Guide

First, let us begin with the determination of what is Uniconta and WooCommerce. Uniconta is a modern cloud-based ERP system that keeps track of finances, inventory, projects, production, and logistics. It is designed for small and medium-sized companies to help them become more digital and boost their progress. While WooCommerce is a customizable, open-source eCommerce platform that is built on WordPress. 

That is what both of them introduce themselves to on their websites, and it’s the basic information that you need to know for now.

Now, a little about us. Wedoio does integration and automation. We develop solutions to help companies integrate and automate their information through various systems. And one of them is the integration process between WooCommerce and Uniconta. 

Let us dig deeper to understand how it proceeds.  


Quick facts you need to know about the integration

WooCommerce - Uniconta integration provides automatic synchronization of products, stock numbers, customers, and sales orders. It synchronizes the data of items from Uniconta to WooCommerce, including item number and name, its price, short or long descriptions.

Here are the four important points that your need to know about the integration process:

  1. Wedoio's WooCommerce - Uniconta integration supports the use of categories, tags, item and gallery images. 
  2. Customers are synchronized on both systems, and orders are synchronized from WooCommerce to Uniconta accordingly.
  3. Inventory changes, stock status, and all of the customers' information are updated in real-time.
  4. When a sales order is created in the webshop, it is immediately transferred to Uniconta for further processing. When the order is invoiced in Uniconta, it can be automatically set as "completed" in WooCommerce.*

  *This requires the Wedoio Webhook plugin installed in Uniconta.

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What you need to know before installing the integration.

Before the WooCommerce - Uniconta integration is set up on your website, we will need the following:

  • WordPress administrator user,
  • FTP website access,
  • Uniconta server user’s username and password
  • Uniconta's "Support" user profile with its full access. Our support user profile is free to create and MUST be created with the username “Support”.

The integration doesn’t take into account 3rd party plugins and WordPress themes, so these must be disabled before the installation of the WooCommerce - Uniconta integration begins. If this is not possible, or the integration doesn’t work optimally- it will be agreed with the customer, and further troubleshooting and development will be invoiced on an hourly basis. This is because we want to set up the integration on a “clean” updated WordPress/WooCommerce installation.

Once the integration is set up and approved by the customer, all themes and plugins can be activated again. After the successful installation of the integration, it is considered the "Support process" and its further development and is billed accordingly. It also applies in the future when installing new plugins, etc. Note that all of the product data must be present in Uniconta before the solution is established.

The installation price does not include master synchronization and data migration.


More options for the integration and adaptation process

Note that additional functionality can be added to the integration if needed. The individual extensions can be adapted according to further specifications and agreements. See details and prices under each of the individual integration extensions. This solution can be adapted to the individual needs, but the adjustments are NOT included in the installation price

The integration solution looks a hundred times better than it sounds. If you want to meet up and discuss further integration opportunities for your business system - let's schedule a demo. You can find our contacts at the bottom of this page, and please, feel free to contact us anytime. Our support team is here to help you boost your business!


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More about:


WooCommerce is a plugin powered by WordPress. It is a standalone eCommerce system and is one of the most popular plugins of the open-source CMS software WordPress. Today, this is the best solution for those who want to create a webshop on this platform. The plugin is very flexible and easy to use.

WooCommerce plugin allows you to sell both physical goods and services in a webshop, offer product variations, compound configurations, etc.

WooCommerce gives you complete control over your online shop: from calculating taxes and inventory levels to managing user accounts. Allows you to add and remove extensions, change the design, and change settings as required by the functionality of the webshop.

Here are some WooCommerce statistics according to, that are worth mentioning:

  • More than 4.4M websites around the world use WooCommerce as of 2021.
  • The WooCommerce plugin has more than 123M all-time downloads.
  • WooCommerce has 27.86% of the e-commerce market as of January 2021.
  • 93.7% of WordPress webshops choose the WooCommerce plugin.
  • There are 980 WooCommerce plugins in the WordPress directory, and they are growing on a regular basis!



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uniconta blok

Uniconta is a modern cloud-based ERP system that keeps track of finances, inventory, projects, production, and logistics, which helps your business become more digital. It provides time savings on your daily routines, searches, document retrieval, and business management. All of your data and documents are safely stored and always accessible in the Uniconta cloud. 

Although it is a standard ERP system, it is structured flexibly so that you can customize the solution with your own fields, tables, and screens. This means that you do not have to depend on your desire for change to fit in with other companies.


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Wedoio gives any business an opportunity for easy and simple Uniconta integration and automation solution. This includes integration of all data from WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento 2, and other webshops directly to Uniconta, without losing any information during the process

By subscribing to this easy and simple integration process, you save a lot of time managing your webshop. The most important thing here is that you focus on your business and not jump between different systems. Save time - save money, it’s a sure thing.

You get stuff done automatically. 

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