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What is SaaS and how does it work?

What is SaaS and how does it work?

If you have an online business or if you are working with webshops or any other type of business where software comes in handy, you might have stumbled upon the word “SaaS” or seen different SaaS companies. But have you ever wondered what exactly SaaS is? And how does it actually work?

SaaS is a growing concept becoming more and more popular. In this article, we will explain SaaS for beginners and how SaaS solutions can be a huge benefit for your business. Even though this is about software, we promise that it’s not gonna be another boring and complicated article - we got you! So let’s get started…

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SaaS explained for beginners

SaaS is a shortcut for Software as a Service - also known as cloud-based software, web-based software or hosted software. This means that the software is hosted by a third party and will be delivered as a service to the buyer (maybe that’s you) over the Internet. You don’t need to maintain or develop anything and you can just access the software from anywhere with an internet connection. 

So you buy a ready-made software solution and don’t have to worry about maintaining or developing it. Simple, right? The provider of the software will also be the service provider and manage everything around the software and hardware. It is the service provider who will ensure the security and the availability of the software and your data.

Even though you subscribed to a SaaS solution, all of your data uploaded will of course still be yours. An example could be an email account. This is something everyone can relate to and it is a SaaS solution. You might pay a small subscription fee, you can access the software (the entire email platform) from anywhere with an internet connection and you upload some data (personal information, messages, email addresses and so on), but you will still rule over these data.

With the popularity of SaaS solutions, it also became more affordable to get access to these types of software, as normally, developing, maintaining, and managing these software requires resources and costs money (and time). Therefore by choosing a SaaS solution you pay a smaller amount for using the software per month, which is a cheaper and easier solution making useful software affordable even for small or medium-sized businesses.

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Wedoio - a SaaS company

Wedoio is a SaaS company providing software solutions to businesses making all their work easier and providing time savings. We specialize in automation and integration solutions which means that by subscribing to our software (or integrations) you get access to an integration solution that can automate some of your business processes - you will get work done for you all automatically!

Wedoio developed various types of integration and automation solutions that you can have a look at right here. You are always welcome to contact us for more information or for a talk about the opportunities of implementing an integration solution in your company - saving you both time and money - we will be happy to answer any questions you might have!



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